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I cheated on you!

For once I took my chances, and did exactly what my body and soul were asking for. You no longer cared about me and my hellish nights, in which I begged for you inside of me, you no longer had time, or felt the urge to have me as your wife, so I cheated.

Paul had always been a catch, he knew I looked at him in a different way, we had kissed before I got married, and could both anticipate what it would be like to have each other.

I called him, and hardly had to speak much, he knew what was going on with my marriage, so he just
invited me over to his place.

I experienced the greatest three hours of sex ever. He wanted me as much as I, and it felt like he knew exactly where and how to move, to tick me, to drive me crazy.

We never saw each other again, but from that day on, I decided I wanted and needed more for my self. I wasn´t going to accept halves, not even from the man I chose to be with.

The universe works mysterious ways sometimes, but if we pay attention, we can always get the best of life. I know I will, from now on!