A love always has a love song!

We always have a song, or maybe a million love songs, that say how we feel, and how much we are into a feeling!

My love has many love songs, and they make me love some more. Each new word represents what I know, and sometimes can´t say.

My love songs can tell us both where I am on our relationship. I wish I knew where  you are, and if you have a love song.

Making love listening to the song which brought you to me, is something I can´t explain. Listening to my songs is listening to you.

I am here now, and I know exactly in which point of you I need to be.

Every time I look back, there´s a new song which followed me, stood there for me, made me cry or laugh, or simply know.

I am here now, listening to some of the million songs I have of you!