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Jesus I am really feeling alone, again, once more. It should be familiar by now, but I tend to believe that one day, from somewhere, someone will come and take away this feeling...

I don´t remember saying, ever, that I would like to be and stay alone. We usually get what we have asked for, so where is the logic of all this? If I may ask. Ok, it is not easy to deal with me, it is often a battle, because of what I want and know that I need, but even so, isn´t anyone out there, strong enough to handle me?

I am not complaining, if it sounds like it, I am just saying, once again, that I don´t want to be alone, not for the rest of my best days, and they are all out there. We all need to share the laughter, the accomplishments and faults. We need to know, for sure, that when the day comes, the one where we feel like breaking, a hand will show from the right place, with the right person. We need to have the shoulder, the eyes that can really look, at us. We need, and so do I, the half which will complete mine.

I refuse, for now, to accept a condition, a reality, because it cannot be mine, but I wish I didn´t have to feel alone, because it would mean I wasn´t...